Sales Process Realignment Sales Workflow Automation CRM Integration with ERP


arrow-31-256 Enabled INTER WOOD Mobel to achieve an exponential business growth.

arrow-31-256 Align its sales processes as per industry standards.

arrow-31-256 Track site work efficiency increase customer satisfaction.

arrow-31-256 Ensure uniform pricing across its sales outlet sand dealer network.

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In such a global competition era, ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) has become the focus of corporate operation and management. Such ERP system does not only tackle information technology (IT) issues but they are real time business problems solver i.e. related to Production, Sales, Purchase, Inventory human resource, enterprise culture, and organizational restructuring and so on.

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The Comptroller and Auditor General of India discharges his multifarious duties through the Indian Audit and Accounts Department. The Department consists of about fifty thousand employees and is functionally organized into 133 specialized formations throughout the country.

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