The software development is the most challenging task especially a desired software result within acceptable limits of resource usage, with continually changing requirements and within fixed timeline. To manage such software development projects a strong methodology framework is essential.

Over the period of time a number of such frameworks have been evolved and used by the organizations, with their own strengths and weaknesses. In nutshell, managing complex software development projects is about managing user requirements, scope, efficient utilization of resources, risk management, accurate estimation of budgets and timelines.

Deployment Innovation

Development methodology is all about controlling of the development process. But, even the simplest development methodologies are not simple and some are rather very complex. It has been experienced by us down the years of development that all these complex methodologies may fail in real scenarios and you need to apply the experience gained down the years to make these methodologies to deliver on desired line.

Foremost, it is not just the methodology but the innovation in deployment and use make these methodologies effective and useful.

Access Infotech Approach

At access Infotech, We have devised an approach that is practical, reliable, and easy to understand and follow. At the back end we have maintained the traditional but fundamental methodology of sequential SDLC and to manage the complexity and sophistication of the modern business requirements we have incorporated the strengths of enhancement model, spiral model and the scrum agile methodology.

index Requirement Gathering

index Designing the Solution

index Software Development

index Testing and Validation

index Software Deployment

index User Acceptance

index S/W Maintenance

Access Infotech has deployed controlled development methodologies designed by our software project management teams over the period of time. These software development methodology frameworks are strictly followed by the development teams to ensure best optimized results.

QA Baseline

The QA engineers follow some controlled procedural way through which they judge if he covered all the points required for testing or missed out any.

To help testers to carry out these day-to-day activities, a baseline has to be set, which is done in the form of checklists and a Quality Assurance and testing plan for the project which defines the boundaries And scope.

Why Development Methodology?

These methodology frameworks break up the development into small releases, and mandates continuing integration of all coded components, incremental builds, and periodic validation of refined requirements and design.

By doing so, it encourages a shared ownership of the product among business analysts, software architects, designer, programmers, and testers; this shared ownership reduces the risk of miscommunication and divergence. It also enables continuing refinement and integration to avoid any unpleasant surprises just before the delivery date.