Need for BCP

Business continuity plan and “Recovery” is no longer just about disasters. Just having servers or network connections down for a few minutes, or even a few seconds, can be an operational and financial catastrophe. You must be able to recover quickly from any event, big or small, that threatens business continuity.

In order to provide uninterrupted services to customers, Access Infotech has a robust and time-tested Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure that business operations are not disrupted by any natural or unnatural disaster, infrastructure and power failure.

Business Continuity Management

Having Business Continuity Management (BCM) in place, it gives confidence to demonstrate a duty of care to our customers. Its a visible way of meeting our customers’ expectations and emphasizing due diligence to key stakeholders. It helps safeguard companys reputation. It has ensured us to meet legal, regulatory and contractual obligations.

Infrastructure safety Measure

As part of BCP, Access has round the clock Power back ups, Alternate communication links, Data Backups, Backup servers and other infrastructure security measure.

Other infrastructure security measure.

index We have elaborate fire safety arrangements including B and C type extinguishers, multiple exits, smoke alarms, and hose pipes within the facility.

index A time tested and intelligent disaster recovery system is in place for restoring complete server information at short duration. The backup is restored on an offline Exchange server for high availability.

index An intranet-enabled helpdesk request is followed by a structured process ensuring quick resolution of queries, leading to very low downtime of hardware and software.

index We have multiple back-up options to enable us to run the facility without power uninterrupted. The electrical supply into the facility is conditioned using a three-phase servo stabilizer. All power supply to computers is provided by online Uninterrupted Power Supply systems.

index We have parallel high speed connections from different leading service providers. Also have data cards for extreme condition. This ensures 100% connectivity to the facility. It enables us to support our clients remotely.