Project Management

Why Project Management?

Project management has become the most important methodology in the present competitive business environment with lots of challenges i.e. Resources engagement, changing business scenarios, changing technology and foremost the user requirements. It is not possible at all to achieve specific goals without proper planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources.

PM Challenges

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives. The typical constraints in project execution are Scope, timeline, and budget. The secondary challenge is to optimize the allocation and integration of the inputs and resources necessary to meet goals and objectives.

To overcome all challenges and constraints we at Access Infotech have devised some powerful structured project management guidelines keeping in view the popular international and national methodologies.

Project Execution & Tracking Tools

The typical documents required for the project planning and execution are :

index Project Management Plan (PMP)

index Project Execution Plan (PEP)

index Efforts Estimation Sheet (EES)

index List of Deliverables (LoD)

index QA Plan (System Test Plan)

index Software requirement Specifications (SRS/GAP)

index Architecture Design Documents (ADD)

index And other reporting and progress evaluation documents.

Project Categories

Access Infotech undertake a variety of Software projects which are executed using above mentioned project documents/Templates. All these templates/Documents have been customized to best fit the nature of projects.

The following Types of applications are undertaken for development:

index Customized Software Application Development

index ERP Implementation and Customization

index Migration from Old version to the Latest desired version

index Government software Applications

Project managers in Access Infotech have extensive knowledge and experience of Project Management and Execution methodology frameworks in their specific vertical and horizontal domains. Strict process discipline and innovation capability of our project managers is the driving force for Access InfoTech’s motivated project teams and their success stories.