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Attendance & OT Evaluation

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EBS 5.0 enables you with system for an efficient and trained workforce, to ensure the organization productivity.


Human Recruitment Process

Human Recruitment will be used for the recruitment for employee on the basis of the human resource requirement of the departments in an organization and contain information of Departments requirement related to Human resources. Will be used for approving or discarding the Departments HR requisitions.


Attendance Register is used for manually recording the daily attendance of every employee shift , register and department wise. Attendance is used for fetching the data from bio-metrics machine of every employee which has been registered in the machine and in the application on the basis of the card no filter on the basis of shift, register and department.

HRMS Overtime

Overtime Register is used for recording daily overtime of workers department wise. Monthly Overtime evaluation used for evaluation of total monthly overtime of the workers on the basis of which overtime is paid to them.


Leave Grant Register is used for grant leave to the employee on yearly basis in which carry forward leaves balance is transferred from previous year to the current year. Leave request is used for requesting the leave by the employee to department. Leave Approval is used for approving the pending leave application of the employees on the basis of which leave will be applied. Leave Cancellation is used for cancellation of the leaves which are not required by employee.

Tour Claim Reimbursement

Tour Plan is used for entering tour plans of the employees Tour Plan Approval is used for approving/ rejecting tour plans of the employees. Tour Claim is used for recording approved tour plans bills of the employees for claiming purpose. Tour Claim Approval is used for approving/ rejecting tour claims of the employees for reimbursement purpose.

Loan/ Advances

Loan/Advance Application is used for entering Loan or Advance related request by employees. Loan/Advance Approval used for Approving/ Rejecting Application related to Loans/Advances. Loan/Advance Tracking is used for Tracking Loan or advance status of the employees.

Salary Details

Salary details is used for entering salary master entering of employee on the basis of which salary will be generated. Monthly Allowances and Deductions used for entering monthly variable allowances and deductions of every employee whose salary will be generated. Monthly Salary Generation used for generating monthly salary of every active employee department wise. Supplementary Salary used for generating the supplementary salary of employee for unpaid days. Full and Final used for creating full and final payment of left employees. Salary Payment. used for payment of the generated salary on the basis of which funds will be transferred. Copy Master Sheet used for verification for the salary before generation.


Training Requisition is used for entering employee training requests of departments. Requisition Approval used for approving/ rejecting training requisition Training Schedule used for scheduling approved training requisitions. Training Register is used for recording training activities of employees. Induction training is used for creating induction training schedule.


HR Appraisal Request is used for generating HR Appraisal request to different departments in a company. Performance Appraisal is used for entering data related to the performance appraisal of employees by department HOD’s.Self Appraisal is used for entering data related to self appraisal given by employees.HR Appraisal Approval is used for approving or rejecting the Appraisal requisition by HR.