vector_right_arrow_link-svg Material Management

vector_right_arrow_link-svg Gare Entry

vector_right_arrow_link-svg Gate Passes(RG,NRG)

vector_right_arrow_link-svg MRN

vector_right_arrow_link-svg Material Issues/ Planning

vector_right_arrow_link-svg Material/ RM Inward

vector_right_arrow_link-svg Ageing

vector_right_arrow_link-svg Stock Reconciliation

vector_right_arrow_link-svg Inventory Evaluationg

vector_right_arrow_link-svg Material Scheduling

vector_right_arrow_link-svg Work orders and interface to PCC/ Production

vector_right_arrow_link-svg Puchase & Finance System

This Process module covers all aspects of material management for SMEs like Requisition for material for general use or production, Gate entries and gate passes, material issues, Auto indentation, Return and replacements, and stock evaluation analysis for optimizing the stock levels.
An effective materials management System like ACCESS-EBS can resolve “island” approaches to shipping, receiving, and material movement. It focuses on the key areas of stocks, Inventories, issues, material receipts, ageing and stock levels etc.
The major challenge that materials managers face is maintaining a consistent flow of materials for production And incorrect bills of materials, inaccurate cycle counts, un-reported scrap, shipping errors, receiving errors, and production reporting errors.

Major outputs to be generated from the Store Module

actions-go-next-icon  Supplier wise Quality Performance & purchase Register.

actions-go-next-icon  Pending Indent list, orders list.

actions-go-next-icon  Request for quotations, Competitive Statement.

actions-go-next-icon  Request for quotations, Competitive Statement.

actions-go-next-icon  Supplier wise/ Item wise purchase, monthly consumptions.

actions-go-next-icon  Debit note checklist